Getting Brexit Done

We need to leave the European Union. We had a referendum and there was a clear winner. However you voted, we live in a democracy and leave won. We need to honour that referendum result and get on with leaving.

More police on our streets

Too often crime and anti-social behaviour is going unreported or unsolved in Bolsover, leaving many residents silently suffering.

That is why I strongly welcome the Prime Minister’s pledge to hire 20,000 new police officers and giving them additional powers to keep our streets safe. 

Delivering funding for our NHS

Our NHS is vital to millions of people every day. That is why Boris Johnson has made investing in local health services a central part of his premiership. Last year the Conservative Government announced £33.9 billion in additional funding for the NHS. 

Holding Bolsover Council to account

In May’s local elections the Labour Party lost control of Bolsover District Council. For 46 years they’ve had a majority, but residents were finally tired of never being listened to and rarely – if ever – seeing their Councillors.

More affordable housing

For too many young people in Bolsover, the dream of owning their own home is out of reach.

Bolsover District Council is approving lots of new housing developments, but very few are affordable for local residents.

Bringing more jobs to Bolsover

The average weekly wage for someone in full-time employment in Bolsover is £460, compared to £530 in the East Midlands and £570 in the UK. We need to focus on attracting more, higher paid jobs to our constituency.