Work Experience

I offer work experience opportunities to people throughout the constituency. The placement gives young people an insight into local politics and a chance to boost their skills. Work experience placements will be able to help with a number of tasks:

  • Casework (depending on complexity)
  • Researching issues
  • Writing press releases and getting an insight into communications work.
  • Having a chance to shadow me for the day, attending meetings in Westminster or in the constituency.
  • Assisting with various office duties.
  • Answering queries from constituents, either by 'phone or by email.

Work experience is a brilliant way to see first hand the work that I do as our Member of Parliament. Whether you're looking to build skills or wanting to know whether working for an MP is for you, there's lot's to gain.

If you would like to join me for some work experience, please drop me an email at