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Mark Fletcher MP asks Department for Work and Pensions about PIP and ESA Assessments - 9th March 2020
Following conversations with a number of constituents suffering with recurrent, chronic, or incurable conditions, I called for steps to be taken to reduce the number of assessments needed for those claiming benefits.

Mark Fletcher MP brings up Bolsover's lack of Post-16 Provision in the Chamber - 2nd March 2020
Today In the chamber, I asked ministers from the Department of Education what was is being done to bolster provisions for post-16 education in our constituency.

Mark Fletcher MP speaks up for those excluded from Online Consultations - 20th February 2020
I outlined how this type of consultation can often exclude residents from an older generation and rural villages due to their limited access to the internet and called for a debate on online consultations and improving inclusivity for residents from all age groups and all levels of IT literacy.

Mark Fletcher MP calls for support and Opportunities for Businesses in Bolsover - 19th February 2020
I have asked the Government what support they are providing businesses in Bolsover to encourage them to export to new markets and take advantage of new trading opportunities following our exit from the European Union. You can see my question to the Secretary of State and her answer here.

Mark Fletcher MP brings up anti-social behaviour in Policing and Crime Debate - 18th February 2020
During the policing and crime debate I raised the concerns of residents regarding anti-social behaviour in Clowne and burglaries in Bolsover.

Mark Fletcher MP chairs debate on closure of GPs surgery in Pilsley - 10th February 2020
On Monday I held a debate in the House of Commons on the plans to close the GP surgery in Pilsley. Whilst the Government does not have the final say on this decision, I wanted to outline why I think this decision is both shortsighted and wrong. You can see the full debate here. 

Question to the Foreign Office regarding our future relationship with the African Union - 4th February 2020
Mark Fletcher MP called on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to consolidate on economic relations with African trading partners and echoed other colleagues’ calls to make efforts to encourage more nations from the African continent to attend future UK-Africa investment summits.

Mark Fletcher MP takes Oath of Allegiance - 18th December 2020
Last night I was honoured to take the oath of allegiance, so that I may now formally take my seat in the House of Commons and represent you, the people of Bolsover.



Getting Brexit Done

We need to leave the European Union. We had a referendum and there was a clear winner. However you voted, we live in a democracy and leave won. We need to honour that referendum result and get on with leaving.

More police on our streets

Too often crime and anti-social behaviour is going unreported or unsolved in Bolsover, leaving many residents silently suffering.

That is why I strongly welcome the Prime Minister’s pledge to hire 20,000 new police officers and giving them additional powers to keep our streets safe. 

Delivering funding for our NHS

Our NHS is vital to millions of people every day. That is why Boris Johnson has made investing in local health services a central part of his premiership. Last year the Conservative Government announced £33.9 billion in additional funding for the NHS. 

Leveling Up Infrastructure

Ensuring Bolsover has access to the best transport networks, local services, and best utilities available and establish Bolsover as one of the leading regions in the Green Industrial Revolution.

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Mark Fletcher is the Member of Parliament for Bolsover.

The grandson of a miner, he grew up in Doncaster and went to a local state school before becoming the first member of his family to go to university.

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