Mark Fletcher MP meets with Freedom Community Project

Today Mark Fletcher, MP for Bolsover, met with CEO of Freedom Community Project, Mark North, to discuss the extensive work this charity does for our constituency and their aspiration for improving our area.

The Freedom Community Project began in 2008 and is now responsible for 8 support centres across the North East Midlands and Yorkshire. Since 2008, Freedom Community Project have offered a wide selection of weekly events and support services ranging from skills training, household provision, money management and counselling to those who in our constituency may need it most.

Freedom Community Project follows a clear mission, based on their Christian principles, to care for the most vulnerable regardless of race, religion, or sexual preference.

Mark Fletcher MP commented on the meeting saying “I am delighted to have broken bread with Mark and the Freedom Community Project. Their selfless and inclusive work is a credit to our constituency and I am excited we have agreed to meet regularly and offer what support I can to ensure their continued success”.

More information on where Freedom Community Project operate in our area can be found at:

Freedom @ Carr Vale

Freedom @ Clowne

Freedom @ Bolsover

Freedom @ Shirebrook

Freedom @ South Normanton