My Plan

This page shows my top priorities for the Bolsover constituency community. If you are interested in learning more about what I am doing in any of these areas please get in touch.

Improving our local infrastructure

•Delivering the road, rail, cycling and energy improvements we need to see across the constituency to improve our daily lives and improve our local economy.

Bolsover’s Next Generation

•Ensuring every child in the Bolsover constituency can reach their full potential. Working with our local schools to improve standards, delivering more educational choice locally and looking for more out of school initiatives for our young people. 

Supporting our high streets and local businesses

•Getting our local economy back on track after the Pandemic. Supporting our businesses and championing our high streets and ensuring Bolsover is at the heart of the Government’s ‘Build Back Better’ work.

A Bolsover for everyone

•Delivering more affordable homes in the constituency. Working with communities across the constituency so that everyone can live in an area that they are proud of. And working with our brilliant local charities to help them deliver their work to those who need it most. 

Supporting our NHS

•Ensuring every resident across the constituency is well served by our brilliant NHS, whether it be their local GP practice, or the amazing hospitals nearby, and ensuring mental health issues are given the attention they deserve.  

A higher skilled local economy

•Working with local partners to regenerate our region’s economy and attract new businesses to our region. Delivering high-skilled, high-paid jobs and ensuring we have the skilled workforce to face the economic challenges of the 21st century

Tackling anti-social behaviour

•Delivering more police officers onto our streets to tackle crime in Derbyshire, and working with local communities and action groups to clamp down on ASB, which sadly still plagues far too many people.

Net Zero by 2050

•Celebrating the amazing natural environment we have surrounding us, and working hard to ensure Bolsover is leading the charge towards Net Zero.