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Dear Neighbour,

During the 2019 general election campaign, and since being elected as the Member of Parliament for Bolsover, I have received regular complaints from residents across the constituency, specifically in our rural villages such as Hilcote and Palterton, regarding local bus services.

I know many local bus routes have been withdrawn over the past few years, with evening and weekend services becoming rarer and I very much welcome the Government’s £5 billion of new funding as part of our national bus strategy aimed at improving bus services and links for communities across England.

Poor bus services seriously limit connectivity and often leaves certain groups, especially the elderly, young people, and those who do not drive, cut off.

I would like to see simpler fares, new buses, improved routes, and higher frequency services to make everyday journeys easier and more convenient.

I believe that you should have more control over what services are on offer in our area and I would love to know your thoughts. Please complete this survey so we can ensure we make better bus services in Bolsover a reality.

Best wishes,





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