More affordable housing

For too many young people in Bolsover, the dream of owning their own home is out of reach.

Bolsover District Council is approving lots of new housing developments, but very few are affordable for local residents.

Research shows that in 2017/18, only 34 new affordable houses were built in the constituency. In 2016/17 it was 7, and in 2015/16 there were none.

Young people are being forced into decades of rental agreements or living with their parents for longer. Even those who are working hard and saving are struggling to get on the housing ladder.

The median salary in Bolsover is £23,500, while the median house price is £134,000. That means that, on average, houses cost 5.7 times what someone earns in a year.

Boris Johnson’s Government are working tirelessly to make owning your own home easier, by speeding up the planning system and giving housing association tenants in new properties the right to a shared ownership of their home.

But we need action here in Bolsover as well. We need to make sure the Council makes affordable housing a priority and doesn’t just approve expensive five-bedroom houses that are out of reach of most local people.