Holding Bolsover Council to account

In May’s local elections the Labour Party lost control of Bolsover District Council. For 46 years they’ve had a majority, but residents were finally tired of never being listened to and rarely – if ever – seeing their Councillors.

Yet with the help of some independents, Labour are back in charge and back to not listening. Many residents have complained to me that they never get a helpful response from the Council, especially when it comes to where new housing should be built and making sure it has the infrastructure and services to support it.

If you elect me, I’ll make holding the Council to account a central part of my work. I will be the voice of local residents who want to see action, and want an end to Labour’s lazy approach.

I will be an independent voice for Bolsover. If the Council do something helpful and with good intentions, I will certainly back them. But if they keep ignoring evidence-backed objections and well-meaning suggestions, I will say so publicly.

The people of Bolsover have already voted for an end to Labour’s one-party state here. We now need to make sure that the demand for change shown in last May’s election result is delivered.