Getting Brexit Done

We need to leave the European Union. We had a referendum and there was a clear winner. However you voted, we live in a democracy and leave won. We need to honour that referendum result and get on with leaving.

We have had over three years of delays and tactics to prevent us leaving. Too many of our politicians have spent the past few years trying to overturn – or ignore – the referendum result, delay us from leaving and undermining the Prime Minister’s negotiations. They are eroding trust in our democracy with every single tactic they use.

Three years ago I supported, campaigned for and voted for Brexit. I believe leaving the EU offers Britain tremendous opportunities to restore links with the Commonwealth, improve international trade and control immigration. It will return sovereignty to Britain and allow us be in control of our own laws.

This Parliament has failed to deliver Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party have consistently voted against leaving the EU. We need a General Election to replace those MPs who stand in the way of Brexit.

I believe in Brexit, and if I am your MP, I will never vote to delay or revoke Brexit. The time to leave is now.