Bolsover Constituency

The Bolsover Constituency was formed in 1950 and has sent a representative to Parliament for the last 70 years. Focused around a proud and rich industrial and mining heritage, the constituency is home to a grand castle, unique land formations, and an industrious set of towns and villages with a wealth of history.

This section of my website is designed to pay tribute to the wonderful landmarks and demonstrations of ingenuity achieved within Bolsover. Below you can find historic profiles on several of the areas in our constituency, some of which have been provided by our local historic societies.

  • Bolsover
  • Barlborough
  • Blackwell
  • Clowne
  • Heath
  • Holmewood
  • Pinxton
  • Pleasley
  • Shirebrook
  • South Normanton
  • Tibshelf
  • Whitwell

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